Payment for sessions are as follows:

$200-Initial Assessment and Consultation (one hour long session)

$150-Individual Therapy

$200-Couples /Family Therapy

The initial consultation session lasts at least 60 minutes. Subsequent sessions last 50-60 minutes and take place once a week. Additional sessions may be added or modified based on your current needs as a client.


I currently accept the following insurance plans:







Value Options


Self-Pay Options Include:



Please check with your insurance provider to verify benefits. Many insurance companies also pay out of network provider fees so if I don't take your current insurance, you still may be able to see me.

I also work on a sliding scale for clients that have financial challenges that prevent them from paying my full fee.

Tomorrow isn't promised

Is a phrase I often use to convey how important it is to enjoy and live the moment. At any time, our lives can change forever, we might lose loved ones, lose our home, our wealth or even our life. What seems under our control one minute is gone and out of our control the next minute. 

These past few weeks we saw two perfect examples of this. The first being hurricane Harvey and the second bring hurricane Irma. Some people lost everything, their clothes, their cars, their homes and even their jobs. Luckily not many lives were lost. However, lives as people knew them changed forever. 

Imagine yourself at this moment living in your home, with your family sitting around you, all your beautiful belongings and your precious items that you have gathered all your life. You’re getting ready to end your day and your planning to go to work tomorrow to your job and drive in your car, you smile to yourself and realize how lucky you are to have the things that you do. 

Suddenly all that you have is swept away by a powerful storm or hurricane. The rain and wind wipe it all away. All that you have accomplished, all that you have accumulated all those years is washed away before your eyes. You are left with the clothes on your back and nothing else. At first you are grateful that you and your family survived but then the shock of what has occurred freezes you in your place. 

There is no home to go to, no bed to sleep in and not even a job to show up to. You blink to make sure it's not a dream and realize that it's a nightmare and it's real. Your basic needs of food and shelter are not even met. 

Unfortunately, this happened to hundreds of people in the last few weeks. People like you and me. The hurricanes did not pick and choose, they did not discriminate. They treated all of their victims equally. They took from the weak and the strong.  They didn't look at race, religion or gender.  They didn't care if you were rich or poor. They hit everyone the same. They didn't punish a particular religion and reward another. Whether you were Muslim, Christian or Jewish, you were treated with the same wrath. They didn't choose which states they hit based on the people or their actions. They didn't hit those that were bad or good . They hit everything in their path equally the same. 

These tragic events devastated many but fortunately showed that humanity still prevails. People of all different religions and races united to help the cause. Mosques, synagogues, and churches alike opened up their doors. Money and items were collected by all.  Out of a tragic event, we as a human race stood strong. 

Learn to enjoy each moment and treasure what you have, you never know when it will be gone. Live today and each day as though it's your last. Live, love and laugh and don't make promises you don't intend to keep or say words you can't take back. Try to end your day on a positive note with little regret. Remember to live your day to the fullest because tomorrow might not be yours. 

Dr. Huda Abuasi

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